“The refugee issue”CPLOL in Prague, Oct. 2015

50,00 DKK

This resume of the CPLOL fall meeting is a bit different from normal. Usually we tell you the highlights regarding information from countries and decisions, but this fall there was another topic on the agenda, that concerns Europe. We were to have a brainstorming session about CPLOL’s position on the refugee issue in Europe and a presentation of ideas concerning the refugee issue in Europe.If we could write an article with solutions, we would but this article will not solve any issues. It will however discuss why we, as SLTs, should care and present how other countries are dealing, hopeful-ly creating a platform for the profession in Denmark to participate. The article will be in English, so it can be shared with other CPLOL delegates.

Artiklen er skrevet af Mette Thomsen og Maria Rønlev Berwald, og er udgivet i 2015.

Kategorier: Bilingualisme, Konferencer